Press Releases

KG-255XJ Encryption Device Provides Added Capabilities in the Protection of Defense Customers’ Satellite Networks
The ideal device for the Defence Sector and Emergency Services just got even better.
ViaSat-3 Americas en route to geostationary orbit; on target for service launch mid CY 2023
Five Real-Time Earth Sites Around the World to be Directly Connected to Microsoft WAN to Enable High-Speed Data Transfer
Viasat’s new free space optical communication terminal is designed to deliver high-performance and resilient connectivity in contested environments
- ViaSat-3 Americas is the first of three satellites to provide high-quality, affordable connectivity to global users - Boeing integrated Viasat’s ultra-high-capacity payload to its custom-designed 702MP+ platform, harnessing the most power ever on a communications satellite
Total Count Now at more than 1,000 Aircraft as Delta Air Lines Continues to Expand Fast, Free Wi-Fi Offering
Collaboration brings together ecosystem for rapid entry
New service offers up to six months of early warning against malicious cyber threats using U.S. Department of Homeland Security threat intelligence
Recent News
Viasat’s new president, K. Guru Gowrappan, brings insights from his personal passions to his career and role as a leader.

Viasat is on a mission to connect the unconnected and bring a world of opportunity to families like the Martinez’
ViaSat-3 is designed to expect the unexpected when it comes to bandwidth flexibility
Hybrid system, flat antennas, and innovative technology are key to increasing connectivity