Global Enterprise & Mobility

Viasat’s Global Enterprise & Mobility division includes connectivity solutions for:

  • Business Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Energy
  • Maritime

With VSTC, Viasat is now approved to install its system on aircraft types that make up over 75 percent of domestic planes in China
News, messaging app and internet access options included in onboard features
Operators can now benefit from Viasat’s fastest available download speeds to enable streaming, video conferencing, and productivity apps
Sumeet Singh illustrates the many ways in-flight connectivity can help airlines
Partnering with Reseller Satcom Direct, Viasat is able to expand in one of the world’s largest business aviation markets
Called Inteliwell, the JV’s Comprehensive Product Suite is Designed to Deliver Real-Time Automation and Optimization to Safeguard, Streamline the Well Construction Process