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Viasat is a company of problem solvers, dreamers, creators, and leaders with a storied history of working together as one team to help solve some of the world’s hardest problems and connect its hardest-to-reach places — unlocking possibility for everyone, everywhere.

Viasat CEO, Mark Dankberg, shares his insights on satellite orbits with ITU News Magazine
Learn more about the core pillars of our ESG commitment
Explore specific ways satellite technology is powering faster, more efficient, and more impactful disaster relief efforts around the world.
Ensuring sustainable access to space is a shared responsibility.
Network Now Enables Global Ka-band Service for Low Earth Orbit Customers
According to this year’s Disability Equality Index (DEI), Viasat’s disability inclusion initiatives are making the workplace more accessible for all.
Viasat CEO and Chairman, Mark Dankberg, joined Financial Times correspondent, Anna Gross, to discuss key issues that impact the space market.

On June 8, Viasat volunteers went to South Carolina to launch a program providing free internet to an underserved community.