How Viasat is empowering the next generation of STEM innovators

Bridging the gap between education and industry

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At Viasat, we firmly believe that investing in student STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), as well as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics), initiatives is not just a responsibility, but a necessity.

Our employees are the driving force behind empowering students to pursue careers in STEM. They tap their expertise and passion to instill the necessary skills students need to succeed in the industry. Through our STEM initiatives, we are not only nurturing the next generation of innovators but also ensuring a sustainable pipeline of talent for the future. Through our programs, our employees also benefit by sharpening their skills and developing their leadership abilities.

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Fostering galactic ambition

Viasat Beyond: Space

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Viasat’s ‘Viasat Beyond: Space’ competition supports the next generation of UK space experts by encouraging creative ideas for a safe and sustainable space sector. Winners and runners-up receive cash prizes, mentorships, and an all-expenses-paid experiential learning week at Viasat’s London headquarters. The competition focuses on concrete deliverables addressing space sustainability, with finalists receiving mentorship and a trip to London for their final presentations. The goal is to engage and train future space champions to contribute to the UK’s leadership for a more sustainable space economy.

Space Camp

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Lockheed Martin and Viasat have partnered with the National Space Academy to host Space Camps in the UK, including London and Sunderland. These camps provide an immersive space education experience for students in years 6 through 12, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and career pathways in the UK space sector. The camps feature talks from industry professionals, hands-on technology education, and collaborative projects. This initiative aligns with the UK’s National Space Strategy, inspiring students to pursue STEM careers and contribute to the growth of the space industry.

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Getting schooled in STEM

First Robotics

STEM at Viasat First Robotics

Viasat is a proud sponsor of the FIRST Robotics competition, which challenges teams to build and program industrial-size robots for an intense field game. The sponsorship has allowed students to participate in this transformative experience, inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM fields. Viasat-sponsored teams, such as the Tech Titans and the Robo-Lions, have showcased their skills and teamwork at the world championship level. Through mentorship and support from Viasat engineers and the Women in Tech group, these teams have not only excelled in the competition but also gained valuable real-world experience and a passion for engineering.

Field trips

STEM at Viasat Midway Museum

As part of Viasat’s STEAM Leadership Series, 1,000 students from schools across San Diego went on a deep dive exploring the unique technologies on the USS Midway Museum. The event introduced students to STEM career opportunities through interactions with local innovators and new technologies. Some of the inspiring technologies on the flight deck included algae-powered vehicles, unmanned jets, innovative bicycles, as well as a satellite antenna, modem and other next-generation products that enable fast satellite internet.

The program went virtual to engage thousands of students across classrooms in the United States.


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Non-profit TeenTech helps young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology, and engineering industries. Viasat participates as a sponsor and STEM teacher to help students make career decisions, dispel gender stereotypes and shift perceptions of careers teenagers may have considered “difficult”, “geeky” or “boring.” Their lively, focused, age-appropriate initiatives help young people aged 8-18 understand their potential and raise their aspirations.

Higher education

STEM at Viasat Cal State

Viasat is committed to expanding our pipeline of future talent. Partnerships with top universities such as the University of California at San Diego, Arizona State University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology provide internships to students seeking careers in STEM.

As the founding partner of the electrical and software engineering programs at Cal State San Marcos, we are helping provide opportunities for a diverse student population to pursue STEM degrees. Our commitment to innovation and education will leave a legacy at Cal State, embodied by the Viasat Engineering Pavilion.

Empowering trailblazing women

Women Who Inspire Conference

STEM at Viasat Women Who Inspire conference
Pictured left to right: Christi McKnight, Jennifer Wilder, April Spera, Sara Masjedi

On International Women’s Day, Viasat partnered with Generation STEAM to host the Women Who Inspire conference, impacting over 200 students from seven high schools interested in STEAM careers. The conference aimed to inspire students to become change agents for women’s empowerment and equality. Viasat employees led workshops on various topics, including aviation, industrial engineering, and sustainability careers.

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Careers in STEM at Viasat

Through our early careers program, Viasat internships have been pivotal to launching many careers in STEM. Whether it’s solving real problems or brainstorming with some of the best minds in the industry, college students get real world experience participating in the development of new technologies.

Shared values

In a world increasingly driven by technology and innovation, the value of STEM education and early career programs cannot be overstated, and we’ve made it a priority to support and nurture students in STEM fields. By supporting students of all ages and early career development, we are not only helping shape the future workforce but also a culture of innovation that ultimately drives transformative change.

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