Satellite 101

Learn some of the basics about satellite technology

Discover how satellite communications can support IoT networks, ensuring resilient and reliable connectivity to almost any location on the planet.
Understanding the basics of radio waves and frequency bands is key to understanding satellite internet technology
Viasat continues to make extraordinary advances in the amount of data our satellites can manage
Satellites come in many shapes and sizes for a variety of missions
From cannonballs to ‘zombies,’ there’s a lot more to satellites than meets the eye
Where the storm is in relation to the end-user’s antenna or the satellite ground station antennas, as well as the intensity of the storm, has a lot to do with whether it will affect internet service -- if at all.
Advances in technology enable high-speed connectivity in many areas where terrestrial providers leave coverage gaps
A look at how satellite innovation is leading to real global coverage
While Viasat’s Ka-band-based products get most of the limelight, vital services are tapping into its lower frequency narrow band service offerings
With ever-increasing numbers of satellites around the earth, particularly in lower orbits, space debris can pose a problem. Here’s a look at how Viasat mitigates the threat.
All geostationary satellites move out of sunlight for varying periods of time during the spring and autumn equinoxes. Here’s a look at how we manage that.