Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Welcomes ViaSat as the First Broadband Satellite Service Provider to Join the Membership

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Welcomes ViaSat as the First Broadband Satellite Service Provider to Join the Membership

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Welcomes ViaSat as the First Broadband Satellite Service Provider to Join the Membership

One of the Key Innovators and Leaders of the Satellite Industry Joins the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

Cape Town, South Africa, 10 May 2017: The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) today announced that ViaSat, a leading global broadband services and technology company, has become its newest member and the first broadband satellite service provider to join the Alliance.

“ViaSat joining the DSA is a significant moment in the history of the Alliance,” said Kalpak Gude, president of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance. “It highlights that, as an Alliance, we take a broad approach to the efficient and effective management of spectrum, which is fundamental to bridging the digital divide. ViaSat’s focus on increasing worldwide connectivity, which can help to alleviate the spectrum crunch and connect the unconnected, aligns with several of the DSA’s core goals.”

The DSA welcomes ViaSat, its newest member, during the fifth annual Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit, which is being held in Cape Town, South Africa (May 9-11). During the Summit, Kalpak Gude and Peter Flynn, spectrum architect at ViaSat, will deliver a joint presentation on ‘Satellites and Dynamic Sharing,’ which highlights a key theme at the event: opening more spectrum sharing opportunities across the globe through innovative dynamic access technologies and spectrum policies.

ViaSat is recognized for blazing a trail within the satellite and broadband internet industries, and is consistently pushing the boundaries of connectivity by bringing high-speed, high-quality internet to even the most challenging places.

Organizations interested in becoming a member of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance are encouraged to visit the membership page, which provides a membership level breakdown and further details on how to join.

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About the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is a global organization advocating for laws and regulations that will lead to more efficient and effective spectrum utilization. The DSA’s membership spans multinationals, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and academic, research, and other organizations from around the world, all working to create innovative solutions that will increase the amount of available spectrum to the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

For further information about the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, please visit www.dynamicspectrumalliance.org/, or follow @dynamicspectrum on Twitter. Alternatively, join the Alliance on Facebook or LinkedIn.

About ViaSat
ViaSat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) keeps the world connected. As a global broadband services and technology company, ViaSat ensures consumers, businesses, governments and military personnel have communications access - anywhere - whether on the ground or in-flight. The Company’s innovations in designing highest-capacity satellites and secure ground infrastructure and terminal technologies coupled with its international network of managed Wi-Fi hotspots enable ViaSat to deliver a best available network that extends the reach and accessibility of broadband internet service, globally.

For more information visit ViaSat at: www.viasat.com, or follow the Company on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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