When it comes to home internet, who is satellite right for?

Today’s satellite broadband from Viasat can be a game-changer — and not just for those in rural areas


In 2020, high-quality internet is an essential connection to everyday life. Yet in the U.S., there are still tens of millions of people who lack access to truly fast internet, with 4.6 million getting less than 4 Mbps download speed.

That’s not simply inconvenient – it’s a serious challenge to doing the things you need and want to do.

That’s where satellite internet from Viasat can help: It’s fast, reasonably priced and available just about anywhere. It can be a literal life-changer. But it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. So just who is satellite internet right for?

  1. People in rural areas who want more choice in their internet service provider: If you’ve been told you can’t get internet where you live, or you have only one or two disappointing options, Viasat may be a solution. You don’t have to wait months or years for our network to reach you. It’s probably already there.
  2. People who live near a city but outside the cable zone: Nothing is more frustrating than knowing your friends and family across town or even down the street can get “big city” internet, but you can’t because traditional providers won’t or can’t spend thousands of dollars to run cable, fiber or DSL to your house. Satellite internet doesn’t have that problem because it doesn’t rely on the same cumbersome, expensive ground systems that other providers use.
  3. People who own a vacation home or rental property: Whether your second property is a house on the lake or a cabin in the mountains, it needs to be connected. And no matter how remote your place is, Viasat likely covers it with the same powerful network available elsewhere. Plus, our hibernation plans let you pause service during the off-season.
  4. People who rely solely on wireless to use the internet: Cellphones can do just about anything, and can be a convenient way to quickly look something up on the internet. But they have their limits, especially if you’re looking to get some work done, or do anything on a larger screen. Satellite internet offers a fuller, more flexible solution. Unlike phone carriers, Viasat has no overage charges – ever – and works even if you don’t have cell service. You can even customize your video plan to fit your family’s needs. You can always use your phone as a backup connection, or go ahead and connect your phone to your Viasat Wi-Fi to save that limited cellular data.
  5. People who need a reliable connection to internet essentials, just about anywhere: If you tried satellite internet a few years ago and didn’t like it, there’s never been a better time for a second look. Through innovation and technological advancements, today’s satellite internet delivers high speeds combined with reliability, allowing people to connect to their everyday lives wherever they choose to live. You can use social media, download podcasts, connect with family and more. Plus, Viasat is constantly working to improve your experience. In fact, our rural customers are already using apps and services via satellite internet that were considered impossible just a few years ago. While you can access apps at any time, you’ll likely have a better experience if you save your heaviest usage for times when network traffic is low. Fortunately, we give you the tools to manage your data and video resolution, so you can do more of what’s important to you on your favorite devices. What about business internet? Satellite internet is changing the game for business customers, too. Learn more about business internet here.

Satellite isn’t always the best choice for everyone — especially for video gamers or those who plan to binge-watch hours-upon-hours of Netflix, Hulu or any streaming media service. But satellite internet can do way more than you think in places you never expected. If you’re a bit off the beaten path but still need serious internet, satellite internet could be the connection you’ve been waiting for.

Patti Rutkin is a fierce advocate of the customer experience. As the marketing lead for Viasat’s US residential business, she is responsible for raising awareness about Viasat’s home internet service within the communities it serves.