Viasat, Ubix Successfully Deploy High-Speed Satellite Internet Services to Schools, Government Institutions and Federal Clinics Participating in Mexico’s Internet para Todos’ Program

The two companies are now leveraging the powerful ViaSat-2 satellite offer fast internet speeds, exceptional performance and reliable service.


MEXICO CITY, September 25, 2019 – Working with the Mexican government, Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, and Ubix, a trusted wholesale satellite internet and telecommunications company, announced today a collaboration to connect government buildings, federal clinics and schools across Mexico, under the ‘Internet para Todos’ program.

Ubix and Viasat have been working together since December 2018, leveraging satellite internet bandwidth from Viasat’s ViaSat-2 satellite—the world’s most advanced high-capacity communications satellite—to bring high-speed, high-quality satellite internet service to many enterprises in Mexico. The satellite-enabled services operate in the 28 GHz and 18 GHz portions of the Ka-band, which provides the needed bandwidth to best serve unserved and underserved areas in Mexico. The two companies are now leveraging the powerful ViaSat-2 satellite to connect schools, healthcare sites and government institutions under the ‘Internet para Todos’ initiative with the same fast internet speeds, exceptional performance and reliable service.

“Through the current ‘Internet para Todos’ site deployments, Viasat has demonstrated its reliability, flexibility and high-speed satellite internet capabilities,” said Mauricio Ávila González, director of Red Telecommunications and Mexsat. “Due to its proven performance on ViaSat-2, we are satisfied with the services provided by Ubix and Viasat and we are looking forward to increasing our success across the program.”

“By partnering with Viasat, we are able to provide high-speed internet services to government buildings and schools across the country. Most of these schools have historically had no or very poor connectivity; we are now enabling them to better meet education demands and use the internet across their curriculums,” said Sebastian Monterrubio, CEO of Ubix.

Cody Catalena, vice president and general manager, Global Business Solutions at Viasat continued, “Viasat is excited to bring our proven satellite and business service capabilities to Mexico. Combining in-country expertise and leadership with Viasat’s next-generation satellite technology empowers businesses and government officials to connect, and participate in, the digital economy, increase their connected capabilities, remain competitive and better serve their customers and external constituents.”

Plans and availability

High-speed internet plans for Mexican-based businesses as well as schools, clinics and federal institutions under the ‘Internet para Todos’ program are now available through Ubix.

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About Ubix

Ubix is an innovative, dynamic, and cutting-edge telecommunications company. They thrive to exceed expectations when it comes to internet connectivity for businesses and enterprises in all economic sectors in Mexico regardless of the geographical location, adding value through state-of-the-art satellite technology, strongly contributing to the development of communities creating economies in cascade, and maximizing shareholder’s value. To learn more about Ubix, visit:, or follow Ubix on social media at: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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