Viasat introduces residential internet service to Brazil

Simple, premium service aimed at bringing high-quality internet across the country


Viasat has launched a residential service in eight Brazilian states, with plans to soon extend the service nationwide. The service – offered initially in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Federal District and Amazonas – is aimed at helping connect the millions of people in rural and remote areas who currently have limited options for internet access.

A national rollout is expected before the end of 2020.

“Viasat is fully committed to helping connect the people of Brazil,” said Bruno Henriques, commercial director for Viasat Brazil. “We’re offering a very high-speed, premium service. It’s also a simple, transparent service that meets people’s needs.”

Viasat will offer two speed options – a 10 Mbps and 20 Mbps plan. The first, Viasat 10Mega, includes 40 Gigabytes (GB) of priority data, and the second, Viasat 20Mega, 80 GB of priority data.

Both include unlimited web browsing and chat, and a 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. free zone and in-home Wi-Fi. During those five hours each day, customer usage won’t count toward their monthly data allotment.

Plan simplicity

The Viasat plans available in Brazil are specifically designed to be easy to understand.

“Our company is transparent and highly invested in Brazil, and one of the pillars of our service is its simplicity,” Henriques said. “We believe too many plans confuse consumers. With Viasat, we offer the most cost-effective plans, per gigabyte; all you have to decide is if you want 10 Mbps speed or 20 Mbps.”

Few internet service providers offer services in Brazil’s interior, instead typically focusing on coastal and urban areas.

Viasat also intends to offer its service nationwide – something that no other satellite internet service provider has done in Brazil.

“Our service will have a very positive impact on Brazilians’ lives, helping them stay connected to families, work from home, engage in online education and do the things that matter to them,” Henriques said.

Tapping in-market partners

Viasat has recently expanded its partnership with Visiontec, a Brazil-based satellite products distribution company, to help bring the service to those who want it. Viasat’s local field services teams will train Visiontec’s vast network of distributors, dealers and installers. The training will be conducted through online programs to help keep representatives safe and to rapidly meet the demand for high-speed residential internet service in the country.

Visiontec will assist with sales, help expedite in-home installations and provide on-site technical support.

The two companies have been working together in Brazil for more than a year.

In 2018, Viasat partnered with Brazil’s public telecommunications company, Telebras, to connect schools, hospitals, health clinics and other government facilities. Viasat links its ground network and infrastructure to the Telebras SGDC-1 satellite to deliver internet service.

In June 2019, Viasat and Visiontec began carrying out the Telebras mission, and have successfully installed Viasat’s satellite broadband equipment in over 11,000 sites across Brazil. Those installations so far have connected 2.5 million students whose schools previously had either no internet or substandard internet service. Hospitals and other government facilities have also been connected.

“By broadening our relationship with Viasat, we can help more Brazilians get access to a premium internet service that will offer greater capabilities for people to be productive and entertained online,” said Antonio Carlos de Moraes, business development director for Visiontec. “We see this expanded partnership as a win for everyone.”

Viasat’s residential internet service will also be provided via the SGDC-1 satellite.

Viasat will continue to invest in Brazil and expand its high-speed, high-quality satellite-based internet offerings to bring more and more people online.