Viasat Internet app update introduces EasyPay, Account History and more

The mobile app for Viasat residential customers has been improved in several ways, with more capabilities to track data, manage the home network and perform troubleshooting.


The Viasat Internet app is getting better all the time. The June update includes several helpful new features.

While the app already allowed customers to see their current account balance from the account page, the newest update introduces Account History. From this new section, you can view your current bill as well as prior bills and the breakdown of charges on each statement. You can also pay your bill with EasyPay, directly from the app!


New customers now have the ability to view their scheduled installation date, and reschedule if needed.

Customers who need a service call can now schedule and reschedule appointments within the Viasat Internet app rather than calling in to do so. Once selected, a calendar of available times and dates will appear.

Finally, new customers now have the ability to view their scheduled installation date, and reschedule it if needed. You’ll also be able to review the installation requirements and see a summary of your upcoming order, including your Monthly Service Fee and any installation fees as well.

Viasat Internet app users may already have these features available. But if you’ve toggled automatic updates OFF, you may have to initiate the update in order to take advantage of the new features.

Previous update

For those with questions about their Viasat Internet service, we’re always ready to take your call or respond through one of our online channels. In recent years, we’ve also introduced more self-help options for those who’d prefer not to pick up the phone.

Earlier this year, we introduced a support app that allowed residential customers to view their bill, check their data and troubleshoot service. Since then, we’ve heard great suggestions from customers about what else they’d like to see, and our app team has responded! Here are the five most commonly used services now available on the app:

  1. Manage data — For a quick update of where you stand on current data usage, you can easily see how much data has been used directly from the app. If you’re on a plan that allows for it — such as our Classic or Liberty plans — you can also purchase more priority data directly from the app. The additional data will be shown on the following month’s bill.

    1. The mobile app now can show you how many devices are connected to your Viasat home network.

  1. Wi-Fi management — For our customers with the Viasat WiFi Modem or the Viasat WiFi Gateway, you will now be able to see what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi connection. You’ll also be able to see the devices listed in the order of data usage (highest to lowest) as well as a breakdown showing what kind of data each device is using — such as video activity (streaming) and web browsing.
  1. Billing — From the app you will be able to review your billing details and see prior bills. If you already have an established payment method on file, you can also make a payment directly from the app. If you need to change your payment method, you can do so at or by calling at 855-463-9333.
  1. Rebooting your modem — If you need to reboot your modem, you no longer have to crawl around trying to figure out which plug to pull. Instead, just touch a button on the app to reboot the modem.

    1. How much data each device is using is also displayed.

    In addition, the app will offer some troubleshooting steps for common internet issues. BTW: Just as restarting your laptop or mobile phone regularly can help performance, rebooting your modem once a week or so isn’t a bad idea to keep things running well.

  2. Chat with a live agent — With the app you will no longer need to visit our contact page on our website to start a live chat with an agent. Now directly from the app, you can quickly get the assistance you need by engaging a chat with a customer service agent. Our agents are available 24/7.

We’ll continue to update the app with new features to make it easier to manage your Viasat Internet service.
If you are interested in downloading the Viasat app you will need an iPhone with IOS 9 or later or an Android 4.4 or higher. The app is free and can be installed via the Apple App store or from the Android Play Store respectively.

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