Viasat Browser ideal for speedy, safe, efficient online experiences

Enhanced online experience a plus with so many at home and online during the coronavirus crisis


The Viasat Browser, available at no extra charge - already a fast, safe data-smart way to browse the internet - is a particularly good choice for our customers during the coronavirus crisis. Introduced in 2018, the optimized, intelligent internet browser is designed specifically to enhance the online experience for satellite internet users.

Viasat Browser was developed by Viasat engineers based on the best-in-class Chromium platform. It uses patented artificial intelligence to learn — not about individual user activity — but about the content and structure of webpages, to render them in a better, faster way. This “crowdsourcing-like” technology provides for fast, snappy page loads and site improvements.

Our browser loads pages on Viasat Internet up to two times as fast as traditional web browsers. And the more it’s used, the faster it gets.

Security and privacy are integral to the browser’s design. It uses sophisticated ad-blocker technology coupled with built-in data saver modes to block data-intensive auto-play streams and ads from preloading. This prevents inadvertent data consumption while providing extra layers of privacy and security protection to block malicious links and website traffic. That all adds up to an overall cleaner, optimized browsing experience.

The Viasat Browser works well with any kind of internet service, but particularly with satellite internet. It’s available for use with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Download the free Viasat Browser