Stay safe and keep guests on the guest Wi-Fi

Having a dedicated guest network for Wi-Fi in your home helps keep your network secure.


Visitors to your home rarely come calling without a smart phone or other electronic device, surprise, most want to stay online while they’re there.

But letting them tap into your network can be chancy. Your family and friends likely don’t have nefarious intent, but their devices could be carrying viruses or other tech transgressors.

A guest network is a safe way to let other people use your Wi-Fi signal without giving them access to your own connected devices and private information, or exposing your network to security breaches.

The Viasat Wi-Fi Modem includes an option for creating a separate guest network. This gives visitors a separate avenue – in this case a separate network name (or SSID) – for tapping into your internet. That not only keeps your home network safe from electronically transmitted maladies, but restricts access to your computer files and personal devices to you alone. And if you use the same password for your network as you do for your email, bank, Netflix and other sites, it’ll ensure no one else can tap into those accounts either.

With a guest network, visitors use their own SSID and password to browse, check email and online shop to their heart’s content – all without using your personal network or learning your password.

You can even set the number of guests – or devices – allowed on the network. That’s a nice option if don’t want too many visitors using your internet connection at one time.

To learn how to set one up using your Viasat WiFi Modem, check out our Help Center article.