How to stream the Big Game

Plan ahead to ensure a quality viewing experience using your home satellite internet service

Friends streaming a game at home.

The Big Game is coming up on Sunday, Feb. 12th. Whether it’s just you and your family cheering on your favorite team or a larger group of fans, you’ll want to make sure there are no interruptions in your viewing experience. Before the coin toss, let’s make sure you’re prepared.

If you have satellite home internet service, here are a few things you can do so you don’t miss a play during the Big Game (or Rihanna’s halftime show performance).

How to stream the Big Game with satellite home internet

If you don’t have cable TV, you can still stream the Big Game by using a streaming service that offers your local Fox station (the station airing the Big Game). Here are just a few options to consider: Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

Many of Viasat’s satellite home internet plans give you the speed and data you need to stream. But to optimize your viewing experience and ensure you have enough data for the whole game, you will want to check how much High-Speed Data your plan offers and how much data you currently still have available during your current bill cycle.

How much data does it take to stream the Big Game

While it depends on the streaming resolution setting you are using, here’s a general calculation of how much data you’ll need. If you are streaming at DVD quality (480p), you’ll typically consume slightly less than 1 GB per hour. However if you stream at HD quality, you’ll likely consume between 1 and 3 GB per hour. If you’ve got a TV with 4K resolution, you’re probably going to consume around 9 GB per hour.

How much speed does it take to stream the Big Game

For streaming HD video, a minimum of 10 Mbps is recommended. Many of Viasat’s plans offer download speeds much higher. Viasat offers plans with speeds up to 100+ Mbps in select areas.

Tips for streaming the Big Game

Check your speed

Viasat’s satellite home internet plans offer a variety of speeds that allow you to stream. Check to see what speed your specific plan offers. Remember, the more devices you have connected to your network, the more devices there are competing for bandwidth.

Clear your cache

The more information you have saved in your cache, the slower your computer will be. If you clear your cache, you’re helping your computer and other devices run at an optimal levels.


Close unnecessary apps and programs on other devices

Any device you have connected to your network can use your data. If want to stream the Big Game at a higher resolution, consider minimizing what you’re doing on other devices in your home at the time.

Check your streaming resolution

The lower the resolution you stream in, the less data you consume. The higher your streaming quality is, the more data it consumes.

Check your data usage

Web browsing, streaming music and video, and connected smart home devices are obvious examples of online activities that eat up data, but there are other things that use data you may not even be aware of, including automatic updates. You can learn more about managing hidden data usage here.

It’s no surprise that streaming video uses a lot more data than other online activities like email and web browsing, so you’re bound to go through more data if you’re streaming the Big Game.

Keep an eye on your data usage leading up to the Big Game.

Viasat’s unlimited data plans for residential customers include a set amount of High-Speed Data and unlimited Standard Data. Once you’ve used your High-Speed Data, you’ll continue to have unlimited Standard Data, which may result in slower speeds. So, if you’re getting close to using up all of your High-Speed Data, but would prefer to watch the Big Game using High-Speed Data, many plans give you the option to add more High-Speed Data to your plan (without changing plans).

You can always check your data usage in MyViasat.

How to add more data to your Viasat internet plan

Viasat gives you the option to add more High-Speed Data to your plan during your current billing period. If you’d like to add more High-Speed Data to your plan to enjoy a better viewing experience of the Big Game, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying more High-Speed Data during the same billing cycle as the Big Game broadcast. Any unused High-Speed Data will expire at the end of your billing cycle.

Here are the options for adding High-Speed Data:

· Buy 30 GB for $39.99 (best value) and stream the Big Game, plus up to approximately 8 average-length movies in HD

· Buy 10 GB for $14.99 and stream the Big Game, plus up to approximately 1 average-length movie in HD

· Buy 5 GB for $9.99 to stream the Big Game in HD

Ready to buy more High-Speed Data? You can add it to your plan by logging in to MyViasat. Once you’re logged in, select “Buy More” on the home page. You can also check your current High-Speed Data usage to help determine which option is right for you. All purchased data resets on your next bill cycle so make sure to use it all up. Any unused High-Speed Data will expire at the end of your bill cycle. You can learn more here.

*Viasat is not an official sponsor of the NFL

Lisa Lowe is the content manager for Viasat’s U.S. Global Fixed Broadband segment.