For businesses, satellite internet is key to continuity

A dish on the roof can mean peace of mind when primary service is interrupted

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More than ever, people rely on the internet for work, entertainment, and to connect with others. In the midst of the pandemic, it played a critical role by allowing businesses to continue operations in a dynamic environment and serve their customers online. From craftsmen to consultants, today’s businesses need a reliable connection to sell products, manage projects, process payments, and simply stay in touch with customers.

Business continuity and back-up internet became especially critical during the pandemic, because they allowed businesses to remain competitive by keeping their digital doors open. As an internet backup service, satellite can seamlessly keep businesses located in urban areas online when their primary ground-based connections have outages, or after natural disasters. Business continuity internet is just that: business services that keep going regardless of extenuating circumstances, even when others quit.

A single damaged cable can mean lost revenue, disrupted workflows, and a hit to customer trust. According to IDC, 80% of small businesses have experienced downtime at some point in the past, with losses in the range of $82,200 to $256,000 for a single event.

Satellite internet backup offers true diversified redundancy. It doesn’t depend on local terrestrial networks, which are vulnerable to damage. Even if a business has a fast cable or fiber connection, all it takes is digging a hole in the wrong place to bring operations to a screeching halt.

A redundant satellite internet connection enables businesses to continue operations immediately after their primary connection has been lost, as well as throughout the repair and recovery process.

Viasat satellite internet offers a full spectrum of business services virtually anywhere, at fast broadband speeds. That means multiple locations across all types of landscapes can use a single, reliable satellite provider as an internet backup option to ensure they can continue to serve their customers.

Business continuity is a mindset; a dedication to keep the lights on, to keep customers satisfied, and to take care of employees through any challenge. As with any business plan, it pays to plan ahead. In many cases, satellite may well prove to be the ultimate, and simplest, continuity plan.

Lisa Lowe is the content manager for Viasat’s U.S. Global Fixed Broadband segment.