Alabama couple enjoying semi-retirement with Viasat Internet

Service lets business owners keep working while living in the country


Debra and David Clark had long dreamed of escaping city traffic for the serenity of country living. Last year, they made that dream come true.

The couple moved from their long-time home in suburban Atlanta to a 100-acre property just across the state line in Alabama. There, they created a 10-acre lake and built their forever home. It’s served by Viasat Internet.

“We’re out in the country with lots of trees and wildlife; it’s beautiful,” Debra Clark said. “But we’re also away from any amenities. I did a lot of research, and everything I found showed Viasat was our best option.”

Before moving to their Alabama home fulltime, the Clarks first subscribed to Viasat’s basic data plan to test the service and determine if it would meet their needs.

“We do a lot of streaming – Netflix, Amazon Prime – and I wanted to see if it was going to be able to do that,” she said. “And it was.”

Knowing they’d need more data as fulltime residents, the Clarks upgraded their plan when they moved.

David Clark and his father co-founded Gloves, Inc., a Georgia-based company that cleans gloves for industrial manufacturers and sells gloves. The Clarks sold the cleaning portion of the company but continue to sell gloves to national home goods stores.

“It’s keeping us going in our semi-retirement and gives us a little income,” Debra Clark said.

It also requires internet access.

“We’re online every day,” Debra Clark said. “I’m on for work. My husband has a woodworking shop, and if he’s trying to figure out something for a new finish, he’ll look it up on YouTube. He also likes to play billiards and sometimes looks up a professional shot he’s working on.

“And we stream something to watch every day.”

For the Clarks, Viasat is among the key ingredients they needed to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

“We wanted to get away from the traffic and crime, and all the other things that often come with living in a city,” Debra Clark said. “Now we’re enjoying peace and quiet.

“We’re happy to have our Viasat service. It definitely serves us well.”

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