Podcast: In the new Space Force, Viasat sees a valuable partner

Ken Peterman, head of Government Systems at Viasat, talks about how the company’s capabilities align with the vision of the U.S. Space Force


In 2019, the division of the U.S. Air Force charged with managing the Department of Defense’s space assets and operations was split out into a new branch of the military. The Space Force is of particular interest to Viasat as a satellite communications company, and in this episode of the Viasat Podcast, host Alex Miller catches up with Ken Peterman, President of the Government Systems division at Viasat.

Peterman talks about some of the historic context behind the U.S. military’s service branches, as well as how space is being defined as a new fighting domain — just as land, sea and air are.

Some of the topics touched on in this podcast include:

  • The vision of the Space Force and the critical role that will be played by commercial SATCOM providers such as Viasat;
  • The unique strengths and capabilities that satellite communications provide to the American warfighter;
  • The ability of services on commercial satellites to “hide in plain sight” from adversaries;
  • How a flexible network that uses multiple technologies can form a resilient and seamless line of communication;
  • The rapid advancement of SATCOM technology and how Viasat will play a role in that evolution going forward.