Podcast: Revenue opportunities in the sky and beyond

Sumeet Singh illustrates the many ways in-flight connectivity can help airlines


In this episode of the podcast, host Alex Miller speaks with Sumeet Singh, who serves two roles at Viasat: chief data officer as well as vice president and general manager of our Media and Mobile Apps division (MAPs). This conversation focuses

Singh, Sumeet.jpg
Sumeet Singh

on that second role, where Viasat is showing our airline partners how they can use the in-flight connectivity (IFC) services we offer to expand advertising and other revenue opportunities while also providing additional services and benefits to passengers.

Topics in this podcast episode include:

  • A bit of background about Singh, whose diverse career in communications software, cloud technologies and technology partnerships, edge computing and even venture capitalism put him in an ideal position to explore the potential of Viasat’s IFC services
  • The focus of the MAPs team in creating ancillary revenue for Viasat as well as our airline customers atop the core business of IFC — poised to reach upwards of 200 million passengers
  • How advertising on aircraft is changing from the traditional seatback magazine to a diverse portfolio of other opportunities made possibly by IFC
  • How ancillary revenue can help offset the cost of IFC for airlines
  • The ways in which these business models could one day apply to other modes of transportation — from cruise ships to trains, buses, and more
  • The direct access platform that has the potential to connect mobile phone carriers to the Viasat network for a seamless experience from ground to air