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Powering free in-flight Wi-Fi

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For over a decade, Viasat has been a leading provider for in-flight Wi-Fi, offering innovative solutions to the complex challenge of delivering a fast, high-quality connection to an aircraft traveling at 500+ mph. We believe everyone should have access to a great and consistent connected experience, regardless of whether they’re on the ground or in the air. By focusing on solving the key technical challenges to unlock a great Wi-Fi in the sky, Viasat has also made providing free Wi-Fi to passengers a possibility for airlines around the world.

Don Buchman, VP and GM of Commercial Aviation at Viasat, has long championed the shift to free in-flight Wi-Fi, a vision that became a reality when Viasat launched service with JetBlue in 2013. “The days of having to pay for in-flight connectivity are over… Now customers can stay connected while they fly without having to worry about how much it’ll cost them or how long their connection will last.”

Since that time, Viasat has supported airlines around the world on their journey to “free”. But, free in-flight Wi-Fi can take many forms -- from full, fast, free Wi-Fi to sponsored Wi-Fi to in-flight trial offers or sessions. And it’s up to each airline to define their vision for free Wi-Fi—if desired—as part of their overall passenger experience.

In 2015, Don Buchman shared his vision for the future of free in-flight Wi-Fi, this time highlighting the valuable power it would have to enhance passenger experience and drive loyalty. “Providing a seamless experience through digital services gives companies an opportunity for differentiation and ultimately creates loyal customers who enjoy traveling with them”. By making in-flight Wi-Fi available at no cost to the passenger, Viasat is helping airlines create a strong bond with their customers and build brand loyalty.

Viasat is an industry leading provider, making in-flight Wi-Fi available to airline customers around the world. These airlines show that the future is now. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our technology to provide passengers with fast, reliable in-flight Wi-Fi access, gate to gate. Our airline partners are leaders in innovation, customer experience and expect a reliable connection to provide a home experience in the air. Together, providing passengers with free connection allows for an increase in loyalty, brand and passenger connection.

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