Innovators in Aviation: Taryne Haskamp

Meet Taryne Haskamp, Airline Program Manager, Viasat


Over the past few months, we have shared the perspectives of innovative leaders from some of our partner airlines and associations. In this post, we share the perspective of one of our own leaders, Taryne Haskamp.

Taryne is the Airline Program Manager supporting Viasat’s first inflight connectivity customer, JetBlue. Taryne joined Viasat with 20 years of security project management experience and a “nothing is impossible” attitude, gained through her 20 years with the United States Marine Corps and Navy. Taryne’s tenacious approach to tackling customer projects has helped make JetBlue’s innovative vision for free connectivity to all a sustainable reality.

We sat down with Taryne at Viasat Carlsbad to learn about her approach to driving innovation with our airline customers.

What is innovation to you?

Taryne: Innovation to me is finding a new, creative way to solve a problem or make something easier to accomplish. Innovation requires collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, and a whole lot of patience. Innovation can’t be rushed, but if you take the time bring everyone’s ideas together you can create something amazing.

What drives your passion for aviation?

Taryne: The aviation industry has changed our world. It can connect people so quickly and easily (OK, not always easily, lost bags are a real pain and cramped seats are not ideal). It keeps distant families connected, allows us to travel across continents to enjoy new experiences, and it provides access to a wider world. That helps us understand and appreciate our differences while recognizing we are all a lot more similar than we might think.

What made you join the industry?

Taryne: I wanted to be part of something that enhanced people’s lives and something that had lots of room for innovation and change. By joining the Viasat team, I get to be a part of bringing high-quality connectivity to passengers, and further enhancing the travel experience. I felt like the Commercial Aviation team at Viasat provided limitless opportunities to grow and learn.

What does Viasat do that makes you most proud?

Taryne: I think Viasat’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs and commitment to being super progressive are so cool. Our commitment to CSR even influences the work we do with customers. We will often support customer CSR initiatives, like participating in JetBlue’s Swing for Good event to raise money for youth and education charities. Our approach of taking partnership with customers beyond our core business to support their communities makes me proud to be a part of the Viasat team.

What is the greatest shift in aviation that you have seen throughout your career?

Taryne: The expectation now is to always be connected, even at 500+ MPH, 38,000 feet above the earth. And it’s not to just be connected but to have the same experience in the air as they do on the ground.

How does your role as innovator support the future of commercial aviation?

Taryne: Having the opportunity to interact with airlines and understand their concerns and what they care about allows me to shape my strategy on how we approach problems and identify/create solutions. Working with JetBlue, I am able to support one of the most innovative uses of inflight connectivity in the industry, and ensure we are thinking ahead and preparing for the future evolution of the product.

As the Customer Engagement Marketing Manager at Viasat, Kelsey Goodman partners with commercial airline customers to highlight how they are evolving the aviation industry through connectivity.