For in-flight connectivity, ‘Uplifting the Journey’ is our philosophy

Through our extraordinary capacity, Viasat is enabling in-flight experiences previously thought impossible


Viasat looks at connectivity as a means to improving the human experience — whether that’s on the ground, in the air or at sea. We’re steadfast in the belief that, through technology, connectivity and innovation, we can play our part in creating meaningful, entertaining and joyous experiences — even at 35,000 feet.

In fact, we’re helping airlines give travelers the freedom to live their lives in the air – without compromise. Going beyond perceived limitations of in-flight connectivity to deliver experiences that matter — with content they care most about and on their own devices.

We’re also enabling a new “customer-first” class of service that anticipates and exceeds passenger expectations — by seamlessly connecting passengers with a world of information, entertainment and utility that makes the entire journey more productive. Personalized. Entertaining. Easy.

As we see it, we’re “uplifting the journey.”

Improving the travel experience

But what does this actually mean?

For us, ‘uplifting the journey’ is a philosophy, rooted in the simple concept of improved travel experiences. The feeling of rising above the average overall journey by providing uninterrupted connections to the world — it’s about living life without limitation.

To bring this viewpoint to life, Viasat’s Commercial Aviation business underwent a branding refresh to better tell this story. In a competitive landscape of blues and white, images of clouds and photography of people contemplating as they gaze out the windows of the plane (tablet or cell in hand), Viasat wanted to make a bold statement of intent by stepping out from the sea-of-sameness. Our technology, our people and our vision sets Viasat apart from the crowd.

And so too should our marketing.

But it is more than a change to our visual identity. It is more than a change to our messaging. Viasat is uplifting the journey in a very real way through our superior capacity. Viasat has the capability to offer more capacity to an aircraft than any other provider in the world — bar none. Our airline partners don’t need to compromise between high quality and high engagement. They can, and do, achieve both.

For an airline, this means that bandwidth-intensive activities that were once limited — like live streaming or sponsored brand partnerships (e.g. American Airlines and Apple Music) — are now a reality. This offers huge opportunities to enhance customer engagement and loyalty and opens up new revenue opportunities.

For the passenger, it means that being 35,000 feet in the air can still feel like home. You may not be able to make it to the dance recital, but you can still watch it while it happens. You may not be at the concert, but you can still live-stream it.

You don’t have to miss out on moments.

As the Customer Engagement Marketing Manager at Viasat, Kelsey Goodman partners with commercial airline customers to highlight how they are evolving the aviation industry through connectivity.