For business jets, Viasat offers a big bump in internet speeds

New Ku Advanced strikes a key balance for business jet customers


Ku Advanced, Viasat’s latest in-flight connectivity upgrade for business jets, creates a better, more productive connectivity experience for Ku-band customers old and new.

The new service packages are available now with increased speeds up to 10 Mbps, resulting in a doubling of speeds for most existing customers and an expansion of the existing “boardroom in the sky” experience.

As always, Viasat backs up its speed with industry-leading capacity. This means executives won’t have to think twice about making video calls or sharing large files while in the air – our in-flight connectivity (IFC) system will handle the full range of business and entertainment applications on every device on board. That’s because our service is focused on supporting the way people actually want to use the internet.

Our new high-speed service packages are designed using the same philosophy. New plans offer rollover of unused data allowances, regional and hourly service plans, and other flexible options. And like all of our business jet packages, they include predictable monthly fees and are available during all phases of flight, including taxi, takeoff, and landing.

Ku Advanced is forward-looking in other ways, as well. Viasat business aviation customers are now able to take advantage of Ku Advanced increased speeds with near-global coverage and an easy migration path to Viasat’s Ka-band system through use of existing aircraft wiring. In short, this means business jet owners are well-positioned to leverage Viasat’s latest satellite advancements, both in IFC and global business.

This is all accomplished using Viasat’s small-but-mighty connectivity system. Consisting of just three line-replaceable LRUs that sit outside the pressurized areas of the cabin with a total weight of 55.4 pounds, the system respects the valuable real estate inside the customer’s aircraft just as much as the customer’s most valuable resource: time.

Overall, the new Ku Advanced expands on Viasat’s work to keep business jet customers connected to what matters while keeping overhead manageable.

“We continue to add more capabilities to our network, enabling us to give business jet owners more choice in selecting an in-flight connectivity service package that meets their in-flight internet needs and budget,” said Business Area Director Claudio D’Amico. “Our solutions enable customers to find the right balance between capital and operational costs while taking advantage of an enhanced connectivity experience.”

James Person is director of Business Development and Strategy for Viasat’s Business Aviation division