Pursuing a career centered around quality and connection

Emelia Pagan combines her passion for quality and innovation into a fulfilling career

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From a young age, Product Quality Engineer Emelia Pagan has seen the impact that access to reliable internet connection can make. After her mother immigrated from Ghana to the United States, Emelia would notice the poor connection her mother had to deal with whenever she would call her family in Ghana.

“When we would visit Ghana, I noticed the difference in connection. We no longer had to yell into the phone or had to ask everyone to repeat themselves multiple times. I think being able to improve that communication was a subconscious feeling I’ve had throughout my life.”

Becoming a part of the solution

Emelia’s journey is a testament to how following your passions can lead to a fulfilling career. During her time at Cal Poly, she delved into the world of industrial engineering, uncovering her love for optimizing systems and making things better. But she didn’t stop there! Emelia also pursued a master’s degree in engineering management, where she discovered the perfect blend of technical expertise and essential skills for driving innovation.

“Everyone needs an industrial engineer – even if they don’t know it yet. At its core, industrial engineering is a discipline that optimizes systems which made it a great fit for me since I love improving things and watching systems flow,” said Emelia.

While attending the University, she noticed that the lab where she had taken a couple of classes had a Viasat plaque on it. She learned more about the company through campus recruitment and saw the pipeline of intern to full-time employees at Viasat. “Over time, I thought to myself ‘Why not go for it?’” said Emelia.

Today, she’s able to help ensure that the connection customers get is the connection they deserve. In her role, Emelia balances typical product quality engineering responsibilities and quality management system related tasks.

“Quality is the most important thing when it comes to anything product related. Through facilitating continuous improvement, auditing, and properly handling nonconforming materials (among other things), I help to ensure Viasat can ensure that the connection our customers get is the connection that they deserve!”

The quality in connection

Emelia’s passion for quality extends beyond her technical expertise. She believes that quality also lies in the connections formed with customers and colleagues. When Emelia joined the company in 2023, she was excited to work with a team of like-minded individuals who shared her passion for pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and creating innovative solutions that could revolutionize the industry.

“All my coworkers are very nice, understanding, and encourage me to ask questions! I have a fear that asking questions would make me “dumber” than those who didn’t, but I haven’t felt this way at all since I started,” said Emelia.

She also enjoys that the company puts an emphasis on mentorship and giving back. Having previously served as a tutor for her siblings and classmates, she understands the impact that mentorship can have on someone’s education and career.

“As someone who’s tutored in the past and has gotten a lot of help from those willing to tutor me in the past, I really appreciate giving back to others. My Viasat mentors have created an environment that is open and supportive,” said Emelia.

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