New career site aims to help discover the best and brightest talent for Viasat

As the tech industry’s “best-kept secret” continues its global expansion, Viasat debuts a fresh, multi-layered and user-friendly career site


Viasat has long-been referred to among its employees as one of the tech world’s best-kept secrets.

And that’s in spite of some pretty great press. In 2016, San Diego Magazine named it among the area’s “coolest companies.” In 2018, Hired recognized Viasat as one of the top five employer brands in San Diego, based on candidates’ perception of professional development, company culture, and challenging technical projects.

With the debut of its revamped career site, Viasat hopes to help spread the word even more.

What’s new on the site?

• 15 original videos • An inside look at 14 different Viasat teams and 26 locations • Information on our domestic and international benefits and social impact initiatives • Profiles of seven employee resource groups • Details on Viasat’s diversity and inclusion initiatives • Dedicated pages for students, including university recruiting and opportunities for new graduates • A page for candidates transitioning from the military community • FAQs and tips and tricks for applying and interviewing at our campuses

“The newly launched career site provides a tremendous opportunity to showcase Viasat’s position as a technology powerhouse,” said Natasha Azevedo, employee communications specialist. “The site provides candidates with access to interactive and informative content that gives them a sense of Viasat’s culture and what makes us unique. With a glimpse into our technology, commitment to socially conscious activities, and diversity and inclusion initiatives, we’re telling candidates that at Viasat, they can do the best work of their career.”

The new site also allows visitors to learn about the hiring process, search and apply for open positions and set up alerts to notify them as new jobs become available.

Attracting a global workforce

The homepage welcomes visitors with the words, “Join us in moving the world forward.” While Viasat already has an international presence, the first of three satellites that will encircle the world and provide global broadband coverage is set to launch in 2020. The updated site is well-timed to attract employees who’ll be part of that international growth. But it’s also intended to provide a more accurate picture of Viasat overall.

On the new Viasat careers website, it’s easy to see the company’s many locations worldwide and find jobs at each of them.

“Our careers site is responsible for somewhere in the region of 10-15 percent of our hires month on month, so it’s crucial we have a site that well represents our brand, as well as educating a wide audience on our mission and as a potential employer,” said Katherine Mackie, Viasat’s global head of talent acquisition. “Our goal is for candidates who come into contact with Viasat – whether they secure a role in our company or not – have a positive experience. We want them to come away with a better understanding of who we are; this has a direct, positive impact on our employer brand.

“In the global war for talent, it’s crucial we put our best foot forward.”

A multi-faceted business

Viasat Careers showcases the company’s multi-faceted business, including its government and military technology services, residential, business and aviation internet and Community Wi-Fi. It also gives jobseekers a look at the culture that’s made Viasat so much more than a great place to work.

Candidates can view team profiles and see the wide variety of jobs under the Viasat umbrella — from engineering and manufacturing to marketing and finance. Employee testimonials provide a personal look into the innovative projects and experiences of the Viasat team.

A total of 26 international and domestic campuses are also highlighted, each with a list of current job openings, local amenities, and areas of expertise. The site features an in-depth look at Viasat benefits, detailing not only physical and mental health programs but continuing education, on-site health-related amenities and the company’s support of charitable efforts.

Videos spotlight both executives, seasoned staff and new employees describing their motivation for coming to Viasat and what keeps them challenged on a day-to-day basis. They explain Viasat’s vision for the future and its philosophy that employees can ultimately design their own career path within the company.

The new Viasat careers site offers insight into the company through conversations with some of its current employees.

“How do you grow?” CEO Mark Dankberg says in one of the videos. “You’re going to have to figure it out. We don’t necessarily prescribe a growth path. We want you to explore. I’ve always felt people are most effective when they do the things they really like.”

The company has also launched three Viasat social media career channels. These showcase job openings, information about new and innovative projects, and an inside look at Viasat’s culture across campuses.

Check them out here: