How Viasat is addressing the coronavirus outbreak

Our COVID-19 response is first and foremost about the safety of our customers and employees


From the Viasat COVID-19 Core Team

We understand this is a difficult and unsettling time as the world confronts the threat of COVID-19. With offices around the globe, Viasat is committed to the priority of our employees’ safety, as well as ensuring the continuous delivery of products and services to our customers and partners. To stay on top of the situation, we are using our resources from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of State, the World Health Organization (WHO), the European CDC, and other sources of data.

Viasat seeks to provide continuity for its customers, partners, and all those who count on us to stay connected while teleworking and in quarantine conditions. We also will continue to provide emergency services for the medical professionals responding to the crisis; and enable the security services of the various governments we serve to continue to monitor and manage the situations.

Like many businesses, we have a range of options to limit potential exposure to the new virus by encouraging employees whose roles allow them to work from home, using teleconferencing tools and other electronic communications. We are also discouraging all employee travel, including domestic and especially to the countries most affected by the outbreak (CDC Level 3+). We remain sensitive to the concerns of our employees and have empowered our managers to be as flexible as possible with schedules and remote work options in the weeks and months ahead.

At our facilities, we are implementing access controls to ensure the security of our visitors and employees. Viasat has a crisis management team ensuring the safety of our employees and continual delivery of products and services. We are assessing our systems to ensure essential functions are prepared to change business operations as needed to support customer requirements.

While we do not currently anticipate any immediate supply disruptions due to COVID‐19, we are in regular contact with our supply base to monitor and manage potential impacts. We will continue to monitor and manage this situation for any potential disruption, take any required actions and provide additional communication to our customers as necessary.

For our employees around the world, we’re working to ensure we react quickly and thoughtfully to new developments. That means planning for potential situations we may see in the weeks ahead - including any of our own employees testing positive for the virus, local schools being closed, or other developments. Our aim is to continually assess the most current, factual information available from reliable sources to guide our response on behalf of our employees and customers.

At Viasat, we’re doing all we can to be part of the solution to the containment of the virus. As an internet service provider, we’re always working around the clock to ensure our customers are well connected. Now more than ever we know that work is of critical importance as people rely on our service to access information about the COVID-19 situation, connect with their families, and continue work with their colleagues and customers from wherever they may be.