Denver engineer Thad Mazurczyk busy on next-generation of Viasat technologies

We take a few minutes to ask Denver systems engineer Thad Mazurczyk a few questions


Name: Thad Mazurczyk

OK, how do you pronounce that?

The phonetic pronunciation of Mazurczyk is Muh-zer-chick.

Area of expertise: End-to-end systems integration and production deployment of Viasat’s next-generation technologies.

Words to live by: Put my faith into action each day, trying to help make lives and circumstances better, regardless of what each day brings.

What do you do at Viasat?

I have the privilege of working with really smart and talented people across a number of Viasat locations. We’re all collaborating on bringing together and integrating a wide range of Viasat’s newest technologies to deliver a commercially viable end-to-end operational system.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve working on in the past year?

Helping integrate, test and launch ViaSat-2 commercial services on the Afterburner SDP technology platform.

What do you love about working at Viasat?

I love figuring out with really talented teams how to make things work in a practical way when that objective has never been done before.

What challenges have you been able to overcome at Viasat?

Introducing DevOps across Viasat at the same time the new Afterburner/SDP technologies were being introduced presented challenges. The Afterburner/SDP program introduced about 90 new apps, and many teams had so much on their plate that they had little time to focus on integrating their domains with neighboring systems. It was an uphill challenge to help domains learn about and focus on end-to-end requirements that went well beyond their core domain requirements.

What’s around the corner for you and your team at Viasat?

The next objective is to get commercial mobility rolled out on the new ViaSat-2 Afterburner production network and then support mobility handovers between SurfBeam-2 and Afterburner networks.

What do you like to do when you not working?

I enjoy exploring the outdoors and off-roading with a UTV. I also love fishing and learning new technologies from a hands-on perspective.

Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?

I haven’t paid much attention to either in years, but used to enjoy Star Wars with my son. He enjoyed it and I wanted to share in his interests.

What is one unusual fact about you that might surprise people?

I’ve been involved in helping establish and grow a new church.

How do you internet?

Internet is a verb? Mostly my laptop at work, but also at home researching topics and shopping on the internet. Occasionally we’ll stream movies for family time.

Where do you internet?

On a laptop at work or a laptop at home

What’s your favorite thing to internet?

Researching and learning new things

What do you internet on?

HP laptop and Smartphone at work, smartphone and old MacBook Pro laptop at home.