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Service manager Kevin Varenne shares his journey in revolutionizing in-flight connectivity at Viasat

Viasat employee Kevin Varenne paragliding on skies

Kevin Varenne

In the fast-paced world of aviation, some individuals go above and beyond to ensure that airlines provide the best possible experience for their passengers. One such individual is Kevin Varenne, a dedicated Service manager working as part of the Airline Care team at Viasat in France. With a wealth of experience in the aeronautical world, Kevin brings a unique perspective to the field of in-flight connectivity.

Kevin’s career in the aerospace industry began at Airbus Toulouse, where he worked in various departments, including the engineering office, the final assembly line of the new Airbus A350, customer service, and the retrofit department for the A320 family. His deep interest in aeronautics and aerospace led him to seek new opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills.

In 2018, Kevin seized the opportunity to join Viasat, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity solutions. The multicultural and international environment at Viasat further fueled his motivation to contribute to the company’s success.

“Viasat was a great opportunity for me to develop another perspective in the aerospace industry and in-flight connectivity,” says Kevin. “Working with the latest technologies and highly qualified employees is also what motivates me to join this company.”

Kevin’s role as a Service Manager primarily focuses on supporting airlines, particularly those utilizing the European Aviation Network (EAN). The EAN is a revolutionary in-flight connectivity solution that combines satellite and terrestrial technologies to provide high-speed connectivity across Europe. Kevin’s expertise lies in assisting airlines from the entry into service phase, monitoring fleet performance, investigating cases when necessary, and ensuring the smooth operation of network and ground infrastructure events.

“We have excellent people always ready to help and to move forward even with a huge workload,” says Kevin. “There is a real and deep involvement of everyone to move the work forward day after day.”

Working with a hybrid network like the EAN presents Kevin with a constant learning curve. As a new technology, there are numerous parameters to understand and navigate. However, Kevin finds this aspect incredibly interesting.

“Since it is a hybrid network, there are many parameters to know, and given that it is a new technology, it is very interesting to have the possibility of participating in the development of this connectivity solution and learning new things almost every day,” shares Kevin. “Working on a stimulating program in a cross-functional environment: organizing teams, coordinating the deployment of changes, solving problems, and proposing improvements, is something I really like.”

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