3 Quick Takeaways from CNBC’s Manifest Space Podcast featuring Viasat Chairman Mark Dankberg

Viasat Chairman and Co-Founder, Mark Dankberg, was recently featured on CNBC’s Morgan Brennan’s podcast, Manifest Space.

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Dankberg discussed what’s coming up for Viasat, including the recent launch of ViaSat-3 Americas, the upcoming merger with Inmarsat and why cybersecurity is top of mind.

Here are three quick takeaways from the episode.

1. ViaSat-3 will enable more bandwidth in more places

The first satellite of three, ViaSat-3 Americas, launched on Sunday, April 30 from Cape Canaveral, Fl onboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. Dankberg said that it will “increase the amount of bandwidth we have available in the Americas by about a factor of three or four.” Once operational, the satellites will benefit inflight connectivity, maritime, residential, and government customers by providing a larger coverage area.

2. Inmarsat acquisition will enhance mobility market

Viasat’s upcoming acquisition of Inmarsat will allow both companies to “bring that kind of level of connectivity worldwide” in areas such as aviation, maritime, and land mobile. He also noted that the combination of Viasat’s bandwidth value proposition and Inmarsat’s presence with global airlines could lead to improved inflight communications and connectivity for passengers.

Additionally, the merger also brings the potential for the L-Band network of Inmarsat to communicate directly with ordinary cell phones. Dankberg stated that “the technologies that we’ve developed there, when combined with Inmarsat’s spectrum assets and the fact that they can put those assets to use really productively now creates a really interesting potential for growth in a way neither of us had on our own before.”

3. Investing in cybersecurity is a top priority

Viasat’s efforts to maintain security and cybersecurity have involved investments in data security systems and protocols, as well as addressing the human element of potential threats. Dankberg emphasized that maintaining security requires constant vigilance, as attackers may have years to prepare and exploit specific target dates.

Listen to the full podcast here

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