Space & Commercial Networks

Viasat designs and manufactures everything from satellite payloads to a wide variety of antennas in addition to services that help other operators around the world get their data back to Earth.

The next big thing in space will enable the first-ever terabit speed broadband system
Venture will allow Earth imaging company to share vital information
With high-capacity satellites connected by space relays, Viasat is part of the plan to commercialize NASA’s communications
From phased array antennas to entire satellite payloads, the Tempe team is poised for impressive growth
Ground Segment as a Service a key element for satellite operators without their own Earth antennas
The Ku-band antenna will be for telemetry, tracking, and control of the second ViaSat-3 satellite over EMEA
How the technology and a growing global network position Viasat for the future